Better Services for the Best Businesses: Experiences Matter, Things Don’t

According to one of Australia’s leading business agility coaches and change facilitators, Michi Tyson, these days social media, networking and fancy technology solutions are at the risk of taking precedence over ensuring the satisfaction of one’s client base. “No matter what you are selling, be it garden tools, hair spray, or mortgages, the concept remains the same. You are effectively …

Conflict cat

Managing conflict and driving outcomes

Harmonious business cultures can breed complacency, whilst conflict can create innovation and healthy change if handled appropriately. According to one of Australia’s leading business agility coach and change facilitators, Michi Tyson, the businesses that will succeed in 2017 and beyond are those that understand how to channel internal conflict into constructive forces, rather than trying to avoid it at all …


Case Study – Retail Express

The largest Sunshine Coast based technology sector employer, Retail Express, had already experienced phenomenal internal growth and commercial success by the time agile attitude was engaged to facilitate a high level operational planning meeting for the management.  Retail Express delivers market leading cloud based Retail Operating Software, designed specifically to reduce costs, improve efficiency and grow sales. The business now …

2016 QSBW picture

2016 QSBW – beating low margins through customer-driven innovation

This years’ Queensland Small Business Week saw a large number and wide variety of offerings for small- and micro businesses across the Sunshine Coast, where business owners had the difficult choice to narrow down over 100 events organised by a mix of government and non-government agencies.