Sometimes all you want is someone who “knows their stuff” to bounce ideas off, get some input and feedback or receive an objective view of where your team, department or company is on their own agile journey.

We know that coaching is one of the best ways to bed down newly acquired skills, support your teams’ agile journey or take your career to the next level. We offer internationally accredited agile and lean coaching services for teams and individuals either on their own or as a package combined with formal training.

Unsure if coaching is for you? Have an informal chat with us about our approach and philosophy to coaching, when it is (and isn’t) a good idea and find out more about our competitive coaching and training packages.

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Whether you’re running a company strategy workshop, trying to create a project charter or want to make the most out of a team retrospective, professional facilitation can help you to ensure your desired outcomes are met effectively. A professional facilitator does more than just “keep time” – they help you and your team to remain focused, distinguish between “what’s important now” and what we can “park” for later and instil a sense of collaboration, achievement and fun for your meeting or workshop.

Our skilled facilitators take care of everything, from helping you clarify meeting goals and outputs over organising the venue to sourcing stationary – give us a shout today and find out how we can help elevate your workshops from “meh” to “yay”.

leadership & team building

When it comes to leadership and team building, we firmly believe in the concepts of Servant Leadership and the science behind behavioural economics and combine these with our own values to help you become the leader you always aspired to be.¬†Whether you’re an established leader trying to get your head around “this agile thing” and how it fits within your world or a new leader wanting to take the world by storm, get in touch and chat to Michi about leadership coaching and mentoring options.

Two thumbs up on leadership, but need to build a collaborative team quickly and reliably? At agile attitude, we offer a number of team building services including half- and full-day team building activities. On-site or offsite, we can help you identify the best options for your team(s) and work with you to plan, organise and facilitate team building activities that fit your schedule and your budget!

Have an informal (and no obligations!) chat today to learn more about our team building services and how we can help you create high-performance teams in your environment.

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