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need a new approach to your processes? think you can get more out of your team but not sure how? ready for some professional development but not ready to commit? fear not – we’ve developed our new range of short courses just for you!

for our short courses, we have aimed to pack as much info, interaction and fun as we can fit into 1.5 hours and they are designed to introduce you to new concepts and techniques, challenge your way of thinking, and leave you with ideas for improvements you can apply straight away.

oh, and you know what the best thing about our new short courses is? for an in-house delivery, they are absolutely free! yup, the magic 4-letter word – FREE. simply check out the course you’re interested in, use the form on the course overview page to contact us or just drop us an email and we’ll be in touch to find a suitable date and time!

can’t find what you’re looking for? got a great idea but no course for it? fear not – simply get in touch and let us know what you’re after.

ps: while free courses are currently restricted to south east queensland, do get in touch if you’re interested in courses further afield, and we’ll see if we can fit you in! 🙂


what is business agility?

heard the term and not sure what it’s about? no idea what “agility” means but curious to find out how you can use it to increase individual, team and organisational productivity? check out all topics and learning outcomes…

agility & innovation

innovation is the new buzzword and it’s all about ideas, ideas and more ideas. but does your execution support or hinder your innovation drive? check out our “agility & innovation” short course and learn how to business agility and innovation go hand in hand. learn more about this course…

influencing change

with the rate of change increasing constantly, it is now more important than ever to maintain adaptable processes and practices. but how do you introduce this change to the people you work with? this course will look at change in more detail and give you tools and techniques to deal with change resistance. see what else this course has to offer…


what is the Lean Start-up

for the last 5 years, it’s been impossible to avoid the ever-increasing interest in terms like “MVP” and “Lean Startup” – but what does it actually mean, and how is it useful? this session explores the main concepts behind the “Lean Startup methodology”. check out what you’ll learn…

kanban & lean thinking for increased effectiveness

learn more about the Toyota Production System (TPS), Lean manufacturing and how it has influenced today’s knowledge work. this is a great little background course to those who want to understand the background to agile and lean methods today and how to use Kanban and lean tools to increase your organisational productivity. see all topics and learning outcomes…

using Kanban walls to get more sh*t done

based on the Toyota Production System (TPS) and the Theory of Constraints (ToC), this is a hands-on course teaching you how to use Kanban walls to improve productivity and guides you through the process of creating your very first Kanban wall. here’s what else we’ve got in store for you…


work like a googler, lead like a marine

some teams seem to be magic productivity-machines while others are boring even the water they’re treading. in this short course, we’ll explore the who, what and how of putting together a bunch of people and creating a kick-arse team that can get sh*t done! don’t wait, check out what this course is about…

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