why agile attitude?

while doing your research, you would have come across more agility providers than you can shake a stick at (even a reasonably large one!). Many of them have been around longer than agile attitude and a fair few of them you will have heard of before, and some of them are actually very good (yup, I’d happily endorse other organisations – and no, I don’t get a kickback!).

so let’s take a look at what makes agile attitude that little bit different:

“toolkit” over “step-by-step”

as you’ve ventured into the depths of iterative and incremental (a.k.a. agile) delivery, you may have come across Scrum, eXtreme programming (XP) or “Lean software development” to name but a few. All of these are specific methodologies under the wider umbrella called “agility”. Think of them as specific tools in a toolkit -Scrum is your hammer, XP is your screwdriver and so on -while agile is a whole box full of tools.

as you will know from your DIY projects, a hammer is absolutely essential -so long as you are looking at a nail! once you come across a stubborn screw or a completely uncooperative bolt, the hammer is really only useful to be thrown in anger.
at agile attitude, we don’t focus on making you specialists at using a hammer but rather open the toolbox, show you what’s inside, get you some hands-on time with some of the more common tools. that way, next time you come across a pesky nut, you’ll know exactly what to do!

not just a “tick in the box”

while we’re very proud to offer internationally recognised certification with the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile), our focus is on providing quality learning experiences and opportunities over just giving you the bare essentials for certification. this means that we go above and beyond the ICAgile Learning Objectives in our courses, activities and materials to ensure that you get the information you need to make better decisions daily, not just the stuff you need to pass an exam (there’s no exam by the way).

build a leaner, meaner organisation with business agility

most agile courses will focus on the “delivery” layer of an organisation and discuss how to manage projects and / or business as usual activities using agile processes and practices. Moreover, the majority of introductory / fundamental agile courses currently available in Australia focus on the IT domain, with little to no application examples for non-IT organisations.

At agile attitude, we have chosen instead to boil it down to the essential “agile mindset”, combine it with lean management, design thinking and behavioural economics and apply it throughout the organisation to help you get a competitive advantage by creating a leaner organisation, regardless of your industry or organisational maturity. Our courses will help you understand how to do more with less,create a learning organisation, and get ahead of the competition by responding to your customers.

quality over quantity

we’re boutique (yeah, that’s a fancy term for “small” – but to us it also means “personable”, “individual” and “different”) and our approach to training, coaching and facilitation reflects that. We don’t license materials from other organisations, so there’s no “cookie-cutter” feel to our training and we don’t have “hired gun” trainers who “deliver the slides”. Instead we only run a select number of modules each quarter and limit class sizes to no more than 20 participants per class to ensure that every participant gets the attention they require and every course is run by an expert in the field.
our coaching engagements typically start with observation and discussion with coachees and the coaching sponsor to ensure we can work on YOUR goals and outcomes.

flexible approach

pick’n’mix the modules you’re interested in and forget about the rest – learning what you need rather than what we tell you is important. and because we know that your time is a precious good courted by many, we’re flexible to run courses and presentations before work, during your lunchbreak or in the evenings. While we have worked hard to minimise prerequisites for our modules, some do have them to ensure you maximise your learning and stop you from wasting your time (and money!) on a course you can’t get the full benefit from. Be sure to check out the individual modules for necessary prerequisites and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

ongoing support

any product you buy is only as good as the support it comes with – and because we know that the smartest questions spring to mind at 03:00 a.m., you get personal contact information for your trainer, coach or facilitator so you can continue the conversation when you need to!


now while we’re big proponents of competing on value over price we also have a solid set of values and principles to guide us – and that means price integrity as much as anything else! running a lean business we are able to keep prices significantly below other providers, giving you high quality learning opportunities, expert coaching and top-notch facilitation at wallet-friendly prices.

great location

Sick of commuting to inner-city locations? finding a park? being stuck in traffic (or a train!) for hours on the way home? so were we -so we decided to deliver our training in up and down the beautiful Sunshine Coast. working closely with co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators on the Sunshine Coast, we have a number of venues to choose from – and if you have your own, we’ll come straight to you!

ready to start your journey?

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