business agility = productivity

what is business agility?

“business agilility” takes the concepts of agile project management and applies them to the wider business to create a high-performing organisation that maximises its productivity and creates a culture of ongoing learning and innovation.

business agiltity is about having the organisational flexibility to respond to an ever-changing environment and increasingly competitive market place. business agility is also about creating an adaptable organisation that establishes reliable processes and practices and a responsive, positive, energetic and creative workforce focused on delivering business and customer value.

business agility is not about software tools, certificates, standardisation or processes designed for “the lowest common denominator”. It’s not about staff incentives, “hiring guns” or squeezing people harder. Instead we focus on standardisation where necessary (e.g. for cross-organisational reporting and measuring) and outcome-driven management to ensure your teams spend more time on creating value and less time on “managing the process”.

no, we won’t talk to you about paying people to increase motivation, nor will we harbour on about “incentive bonuses” or send you off to listen to a motivational speaker or walk over coals (although by all means, don’t let us talk you out of burning your feet!). at agile attitude, we believe that the only motivation that’s useful is self-motivation, so we introduce you to the latest from the area of behavioural economics and work on strategies to provide a positive, engaging work environment that allows your staff to be as awesome as you know they are!
we know that ideas are awesome, and the most successful entrepreneurs are idea machines. we also believe that the only thing better than an idea is an executable idea – and that too many ideas can stop you from delivering a single one of them. This is why our business agility program is big on creating more focus across your portfolio, and therefore your teams. we work with you to establish a prioritisation framework geared to align to your strategic goals and help you to maintain consistency across your delivery efforts.
unless you spent the last 10 years under a rock, you’ll understand the importance of goal-setting. but what’s a good goal? and how are goals and objectives different? how the heck to you go from a goal to an actual deliverable and how do you hold people accountable to achieving their goals? as part of our business agility program we introduce you to tools and techniques for goal-setting and introduce you to methods of goal-focused work breakdown, allowing you to have multiple teams working towards the same goal (oh, and that’s without any micromanaging!).
according to Duhigg, “…people who make the best decisions tend to think probabilistically. they envision multiple, often contradictory, futures and then try and figure out which one is more likely to occur.” business agility favours risk-based strategies, iterative and incremental delivery and adaptive planning over “big upfront design” and linear delivery, helping you in envisioning and analysing multiple scenarios before committing valuable time and money.
innovation is all about taking existing concepts, dissecting, re-combining and re-imagining them. innovation needs a culture and environment that will allow it to flourish. we help your teams get their creative juices flowing by working with you on team structures that optimally support the cross-pollination of ideas and supporting you through the long-term shift of creating a culture open to innovation and learning.
okay, this one will make you stop in your tracks! as humans, we process information on a continuum from “fluent” (with great ease”) to “dysfluent” (the scratch-your-head difficult stuff) and there’s new research to suggest that information that is processed with greater deliberate effort becomes “stickier” (which is likely why you now remember that one answer to your high-school test that managed to escape you over and over and over again!). now this doesn’t mean that we’ll make our training and coaching confusing and inaccessible, but rather create “sticky”, immersive and exploratory sessions which are not designed to “make you get it right” but rather to make you think, experience and learn.
having a team (or many!) means you have smart, creative, hard-working and motivated people supporting you in achieving your goals – leaving you to lead and manage your team to ensure the right people are pointed at the right problem at the right time. oh, and teams don’t just fall from the sky either – they need building, fostering and guiding, so when you work with us on increasing your business agility, you will also work on your leadership style and how to increase the effectiveness of your team(s).
it’s not uncommon that we hear leaders and managers bemoan the skills shortages in their team, or how much faster / cheaper / better / the project would have been if only we had a bunch of domain-superstars in our A-team. But rarely do we ask “what made the A-team awesome at being a team” (we all know what made them just awesome :)) – there was leadership, there was collaboration and conflict, there was banter and there was some good old-fashioned, goal-specific arse-kicking. We’ll help you build your own A-team with your current bunch of smart and talented “misfits”!

who is business agility for?

business agility is beautifully non-discriminatory and is happy to have any and all organisations in their fold, from one-man-garage-bands to international, multi-billion dollar organisations.

business agility is a great framework for businesses that:

  • want to focus on value creation
  • aspire to “deliver more with less”
  • strive to create a flat hierarchy without unnecessary management overhead
  • look to continuously grow and innovate
  • aim to build upon the concepts of iterative and incremental delivery
  • want to incorporate the “lean start-up” approach and mindset into their day-to-day operations

so how do we get started?

every business agility journey differs as we take into account where you’re now, where you’d like to get to, how much time you can invest in your transformation and so on. you may choose to invest in your organisational and staff development with our internationally accredited certification course, deepen your knowledge by working with an expert coach or dabble a toe by checking out one of our free short courses.

the choice is yours – and don’t hesitate to chat to us about your goals, your current state and your options. chats are always “no strings attached” – and we promise we won’t try to sell you fries with that!

ready to get agilified?

just drop us a line and let's discuss how to start your agility journey!