who we are

we combine agile and lean values, principles and practices with findings from the fields of social and behavioural science and apply them practically and pragmatically to create forward-thinking workplaces who practice and continually nurture customer focus, innovation and individual development.

our values

we believe that doing better business starts with better attitude – and we’re willing to lead the way by ensuring our values and principles are reflected in everything we do!

where have our values come from?

you may be familiar with the agile manifesto, outlining the values underlying all iterative and incremental delivery processes falling under the “agile” umbrella. at agile attitude, our own agile journey has always brought us back to the four fundamental values of agile and eventually beyond – and now we have our own values feeding into every email, every conversation and every interaction you’ll have with us and is evident in every service and every product we offer.

what does that mean for you?

so why would our values be important to you? Because they lead to better products and better services for you!

using our collective brainpower

no rehashing of tools or systems. we discuss your requirements to identify exactly what you need, then use collaboration and ongoing feedback to create the best solution for YOU!

valuable stuff

expect short and sharp feedback cycles rather than polished documents in sparkly pdf format. we’ll often just send you screenshots, mindmaps and other interim artefacts to ensure we’re spending YOUR time (and money!) on the most valuable work for YOU!

creating win-win situations

money may talk, but sustainable business relationships are what the future is built on – at agile attitude, we’re keen to talk to you about symbiotic commercial partnerships, so get in touch to discuss your idea now!

doing the smart thing

at agile attitude we’re committed to meeting your needs, and change is just one of those stepping stones to figuring out what it is that’s really important. so we maintain a flexible approach to everything we do and maintain an ongoing dialogue with you to ensure we’re “hitting the mark”.

ready to start your journey?

get in touch and let us know how we can help!